My story

My name is Steffie Pluimers, I am a Dutch gal who decided to make a leap and move abroad. That leap landed me in the stunning city of Zürich, Switzerland. Here, aside from exploring the Swiss Alps and enjoying the excellent Swiss cheese (almost as good as the Dutch variants), I am pursuing my career in Digital Marketing.

Why I created this website

After moving to Zürich, I found myself in the rare circumstance of having a substantial amount of free time – working remotely on a part-time basis. Besides using this time to brush up on my German skills by enrolling in a Deutschkurs, I decided to kick off a few things that I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. One of those things was to start building my online presence by creating a portfolio. Looking for a platform on which to showcase my work, I started building this website. 

Another ambition I decided to follow, was to take up creative writing. I’ve always been drawn to cleverly composed structures of text that beautifully convey messages and express ideas. Therefore, I decided to take a swing at it myself, and the articles I post here are the result.

It’s been a fun and educational process, and I hope to fill this site more and more with projects and content, covering an array of topics – from industry related matters and current events to staying human in a constantly digitalizing world.

Me on the Münsterbrücke

On the Münsterbrücke, Zürich.